Updated paid and controlled categories for Business and Consumer publications

Dec 13 2013 - CMCA Updates

The CMCA committee met on November 21 to review and discuss the recommendation pertaining to current and proposed paid and controlled circulation categories for Business and Consumer publications. Recommendation from that meeting is as follows:

Paid and Controlled circulation categories for Business & Consumer publications

Change the paid and controlled circulation categories for Business & Consumer publications to be in line with industry standards and requirements of outside stakeholders.

The new Paid Circulation categories are as follows:

1. Individual Subscriptions
2. Single copy sales
3. Multi-copy same addressee
4. Sponsored Individually addressed
5. Sponsored Multi-copy same addressee
6. Electronic

The new Controlled Circulation categories are as follows: 

1. Individual non-paid copy
2. Direct individual request
3. Other request
4. Selected
5. Bulk
6. Electronic


Over the years, magazines have changed their reporting. As there is now less focus on how the paper is delivered than to whom, it would be beneficial for CMCA to follow the new standard of reporting by the types of audiences.

The proposed change is to re-label categories in order to provide more useful groupings and expanded definitions. All the current paid and controlled categories are still covered in the proposed change. However, the new categories are more transparent and present numbers in a more meaningful way.

Individual Subscriptions will include not only individual subscriptions that are mailed using Canada Post, but also individual subscriptions delivered by carriers or outside Distribution Company. It will also include gift subscriptions as long as they are individually addressed.

Newsstand copies will be categorized as Single-copy sales, which will include not only individual copies purchased from newsstands but also any single copies purchased from retail outlets.

Bulk Sales and Other Paid Copies currently provide varied information and cover a wide range of categories. To refine the information in these two categories, 3 new categories are proposed to give clearer audience information. The 3 new categories are: Multi-copy same addressee, Sponsored Individually Addressed and Sponsored Multi-copy same addressee.

Under controlled circulation, mailed (addressed) copies will now be categorized as Individual non-paid copy, to cover mailed copies and as well as those delivered by carriers or Distribution Company.

For non-paid Request copies, this will now be divided into 2 categories: Direct Individual Request and Other Request. Presenting request copies in this manner will provide a much clear description on who requested a copy of the publication. Other Request copies will include both company request and/or association request. Showing these 2 types of request information is also a requirement of Canadian Heritage.

The Non-request copies category will now be eliminated as this category is not being used. Non-request will now be combined with Selected copies. The new category of Selected covers non-paid copies to areas selected by the publisher using postal codes to homes, apartments, or businesses. This category will also include non-paid copies sent to individuals or companies obtained through phone books, business cards and directories.

Electronic copies both paid and controlled would still be shown separately.

This new approach is in line with industry standards and requirements of outside stakeholders.

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